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Pizza in Atlanta
One of the best parts of vacationing is trying out new food joints and eating meals you may not get to otherwise. Those visiting Atlanta, Georgia, will undoubtedly be interested in trying out local restaurants to enrich their experience and fill their bellies with quality food. But where should you go to eat during your time in Atlanta, and what food will you want to order? To help decide where to go eat in The Big Peach, here are some of the most well reviewed restaurants from across Atlanta. 


Have a craving for Italian food? Maybe you want a warm, cheesy slice of pizza? Amalfi Pizza, located on 17 International Boulevard in Atlanta, is one of the most well received restaurants in the whole city. With two massive brick ovens and fresh ingredients straight from Italy, Amalfi offer an authentic Italian culinary experience and some of the best pizza in all of Georgia. The building itself has two floors and over 150 seats, and reservations are available on the restaurant’s site. Go for yourself to see the pasta, pizza, risotto and more and find what gets your mouth watering. 


Not much for Italian? How about a falafel? On 225 Peachtree Street sits Aviva by Kameel, a Medditerranian restaurant with a near unanimous five-star rating. The bistro holds the title of #1 lunch venue in Atlanta, and has held the title for over half a decade. Their menu consists of a wide variety of Medditerranian food items, including vegan friendly choices and the option of fresh extra virgin olive oil. In addition, they offer catering for corporate and personal events. Does Aviva by Kameel interest you? Stop by and try something new. Shawarma fans in particular will not be disappointed by what is on offer. 


What about those early birds who want to grab a meal before most of Atlanta wakes up? For morning people, the Atlanta Breakfast Club on 249 Ivan Allen Jr Blvd will be a favorite. All the American breakfast favorites like eggs, grits, waffles, and french toast are on offer, and servers are quick and attentive. Compared to other restaurants in the Atlanta area, Atlanta Country Club has much more of a local vibe, so if you’re looking for more of a small town feeling, this is the place to go. So when you’re in town, order from their menu for a hearty breakfast. 


At the end of the day, there are so many quality eateries in Atlanta that a full list would be at least a hundred miles long. These highly rated options are only a small sample of the vast number of restaurants in the city, and if nothing written above is to your taste, you’re bound to find something you like elsewhere in Atlanta. This list will send you heading for great meals, that you’ll want to come back to Atlanta for. To find more places to eat, go to Atlanta’s tourism site, where you can also book hotels and check out tourist attractions.