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Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta
When going on vacation, one of the most difficult things to do is finding something for your young children to occupy themselves with. Specifically, those who are visiting Atlanta are going to want to have their kids involved with something fun and interesting. Away from home and most of their electronics, if you don’t find anything for your children to do, they’re going to get bored. This list of attractions for children will be a great starting point for vacationing parents to use for their kids.

Children under the age of eight can be some of the hardest to keep constantly entertained, as their attention and interest in something tends to shift rapidly as they explore the world around them. As such, an attraction that covers all the common bases of youthful curiosity is invaluable for a parent. The Children’s Museum of Atlanta offers a hands on experience that goes over many subjects. These include human anatomy, construction, world geography and rocket science, and even foodstuffs and groceries! At the museum, your child will get to participate in various fun activities related to each subject, expanding their knowledge at a young age while keeping them happy and enthused! The museum is easily one of the best places to take your child in Atlanta, so visit their site and find out when special events or deals on admission are taking place.

Some parents and children don’t like being cooped up indoors, or don’t prefer to visit museums for their own reasons. Luckily, Atlanta has plenty to do in the outdoors, including an expansive, high quality public park! Originally created for the 1996 Olympics, the Centennial Olympic Park is 21-acre park with several features for visitors to enjoy. The Fountain of Rings is an interactive water fountain where children can play in the water as it moves synchronized to a series of music and lights. Additionally, the park is within walking range of several other attractions, and serves as a great hub for a day out in Atlanta. If you just want to enjoy the outdoors and let your kids have some fun in the water instead, then the Centennial Olympic Park is the place to go in Atlanta.

Why not combine the experience of a museum and the outdoors together, along with some animals. Pretty much every child in America loves the idea of visiting a zoo, and most major cities have fantastic zoos. Zoo Atlanta is the Big Peach’s answer to the other zoos of America, housing animals such as lions, tortoises, lemurs, gorillas, and various birds, reptiles and amphibians. If your child ever wants to take a break from looking at animals, there is a petting zoo for them to enjoy as well. You and your kids will love exploring the zoo and seeing the animals together, so put the zoo on your to do list while you’re in Atlanta! 

Atlanta has plenty of things for young children to do, far too many for one single list to cover. Very likely, there will be other locations and attractions you’d like to visit with your child that haven’t been covered here. If you’re going to Atlanta, and want to see what else it has to offer, visit Atlanta’s tourism site to find more stuff to do. You won’t regret having more options for what to do in this wondrous city.