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Choosing travel destinations for your personal trips or summer vacation is an important and difficult decision for anybody to make. If you live or plan on visiting the east coast, then Atlanta, the capital city of the state of Georgia, should be at the top of your list of places to go. Home to over 400,000 people, Atlanta offers plenty of tourist attractions for you and your fellow visitors to enjoy! Here’s our list of some of our favorite things to do while visiting Atlanta. 


Who doesn’t enjoy a fresh glass of Coca-Cola? Did you know that the carbonated soft drink so many Americans have come to love came from Atlanta? If you’re a die-hard Coke fan or are just interested in knowing more about the U.S.A’s favorite soda, then the World of Coca-Cola museum may peak your interest! Travelling through the center, you’ll find and interact with various exhibits regarding the history and the production of Coca-Cola and its many varieties, and get to sample plenty of your favorite beverages and some new, exquisite ones along the way. While you enjoy your drinks, feel free to traverse the ten galleries of Coke history on offer, and learn something new about the beverage so many Americans gulp down everyday. By the time you leave, you’ll be a walking encyclopedia of Coke knowledge, and you may just find a new favorite drink to boot. 


Looking for something a bit more fantastic and wondrous than soda? The Georgia Aquarium might be next up on your travel guide. Home to over 100,000 species of aquatic life, the aquarium is home to beluga whales, bottlenose dolphins, sea lions, sharks, manta rays, and thousands of fish, seahorses, and invertebrates. Want to give your young children something to do and give yourself some more free time? The aquarium offers a day camp for kids to enjoy while you visit other parts of Atlanta or explore the aquarium yourself! Before you plan your trip, g online to learn more about the Georgia Aquarium and upcoming events you may not want to miss.


Want to visit a place with a bit more of a refined atmosphere? Artists and art enthusiasts must take a look at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. With pieces gathered from local collections and a combination of rotating and permanent exhibits, the museum features collections of arts from different eras across a facility of over 300,000 square feet. Much like the aquarium, it also offers a day camp for kids, so you can explore the museum at your own leisure or  check out other parts of Atlanta on your own time. If you think the museum is right for you, check online to see what kind of art is currently on display and see it for yourself when you go down to Atlanta. 

From it’s various museums, soda centers, and aquariums full of aquatic wonder, Atlanta as a prime vacation destination for people from out of state and even other countries. Of course, these attractions are but a sample of what Atlanta has to offer to tourists. Want to find somewhere else to visit in Atlanta in addition to these locales? Check out Atlanta’s own tourism website at Atlanta’s tourism site to find hotels, places to eat and more attractions to visit.