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Atlanta Football Stadium
Sports! Whether you prefer swinging a bat or throwing a pigskin, you can’t deny that sports of all kinds are the quintessential American entertainment. Everyone has their own preference for what sports they enjoy, and what teams they root for. Those who live in Atlanta, or enjoy watching teams playing for Atlanta, all have their favorite picks for which sports and which teams they support. Here’s a look at some of the teams Atlanta has to offer American sports fans.

Football is by and large the most popular sport in the U.S.A. We hold a yearly competition with rosters and player exchanges all leading up to a massive game between the two best performing teams, and winning that game, the Super Bowl, along with, maintaining a positive win-loss ratio is the ultimate goal for any pro football team. The Atlanta Falcons are a National Football Committee Southern division team that play in the National Football League. decently performing team, having the same winning percentage as the Carolina Panthers during the 2018. Despite having made it to two Super Bowls, they’ve never won one, losing in 1998 to the Denver Broncos and again in 2016 to the New England Patriots. Despite that, they maintain a strong, loyal following from fans who hope that they’ll get another shot someday soon. 

If football is the number one most popular American sport, then baseball is certainly right behind it. Major League Baseball is over a hundred years old, with thirty teams all competing against each other. Atlanta’s team is the Braves, and though they’ve been having some struggles in recent years, they have better history with overall victories than the Falcons do. In Major League Baseball, the end goal is to qualify for and win the World Series, a set of games that determines that years overall winning team. The Braves have won three World Series over their time playing, in 1914 against the team now known as the Oakland Athletics, in 1957 against the New York Yankees, and in 1995 against the Cleveland Indians. With that precedent, Atlanta denizens may keep hoping for another World Series win down the line. 

Basketball is also a popular sport in the U.S.A, with the major teams player in the National Basketball Association. Atlanta’s NBA team is the Atlanta Hawks, and compared to Atlanta’s football and baseball teams, they fall somewhere in between. The equivalent of the Super Bowl and World Series in basketball are the NBA Finals, and the Hawks have qualified to play in the finals 4 times, and only won once in 1958. However, they have won several conference titles for their victories in the conferences that make up the NBA standings, though in recent years they haven’t been doing as well. They still place around the middle rankings each year in the NBA, however, and they’re steadily getting higher with each passing title. 

Atlanta’s sports teams are mostly underdogs these days. With powerhouses like the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Lakers, it’s getting harder and harder to come out on top each year. However, the Atlanta sports teams have plenty of fans  who root for them at every single game they play, both from in and out of state. The next time they win a major championship title, Atlantis will certainly be celebrating them.