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Pergola Atlanta

The Atlanta region is one of the most scenic and peaceful places to live in the southern United States, and those living there will want to make sure their home is stylish and comfortable. For example, a good year round decoration and utility in the summer is a well built pergola, which is a small, roofed archway made out of wood. Knowing how to design and build a pergola so that it fits in the setting of your yard is very helpful, whether you’re looking to create a shady spot or a trailing garden, or use it for another purpose. Here are some tips and things to look for when building your own pergola. 


First, decide ahead of time how your pergola will be constructed. Knowing where you want your pergola to be situated and how big it is going to be helps save on building materials and keeps you out of trouble with regulations set up by your local government or homeowners association. Pergolas can either be attached to your home or stand on their own. If you simply want a cover to a table on the side of your house, then an attached pergola may be preferable. If you want an addition to a garden separate from your home or a freestanding shady area, then a detached pergola will work better. Once you decide what style to go for, choose what size you want your pergola to be. A regular Pergola is around 10 x 10 feet, but if you want it to be bigger or smaller, plan accordingly. 

Patio Pergola Atlanta


Next piece of advice, secure your pergola. After your pergola is built, you’re going to want to anchor it to the ground. Whether attached or detached, your pergola will be at severe risk of being damaged by strong winds, earthquakes, floods and other natural occurrences, which means you’ll especially want to secure it if you live in an area prone to any of these events. Atlanta is no stranger to bad weather, as damaging winds and flash flooding have become more common in recent years, making anchors all the more crucial in building a stable pergola. Installing pergola anchors is as simple as drilling holes in the concrete or ground beneath where your pergola’s support pillars will go, and securing them wilt metal bolts. Pergola anchors are readily available for purchase online and in hardware stores like Home Depot, so if you’re getting you pergola built by professionals, you may be able to save money by buying the anchors and installing them yourself. 


Finally, add some style to your pergola! Personalizing something or putting extra effort into it is the best way to ensure that you’ll enjoy it. If you really want your pergola to stand out, or be more than just an extra decoration for you home, add some extra details or put it in an interesting area. Pergolas are often used for hanging gardens, so if you weren’t initially planning on using a pergola for one, consider adding some decorative plants and let them grow along the pergola. Building it near a fireplace can make your backyard appear fancier and more cozy, or next to a pool for a place to cool down in the hot Atlanta summer. Place a bench or some suspended furniture underneath it to make a cool place to sit. Make your pergola more unique and special to you, and you’ll appreciate it much more than if you just built it and left it standard. 

In such a large and populous area as the Atlanta region, it’s understandable why you would want your home to stand out and be unique. A brand new pergola is a great choice for making your home stand out just a little bit more. Even better, it’s something new to show off the next time you invite friends and family over! Whether you decide to build yourself or have it built by seasoned professionals, you’ll be proud to have your very own pergola standing in your yard.